Casino Games Like Crazy Time

Crazy Time Game

Last Updated on October 8, 2022 by Robert Stevens

This guide will showcase to you three games that are like Crazy Time and they are:

  • Mega Wheel
  • Sweet Bonanza Candy Land
  • Spin a Win

There are obviously some differences between how each of those games like Crazy Time play and pay, and below you will find an overview of the way they have all be structured and designed, so do read on.

Mega Wheel

The Mega Wheel games has no main type of bonus games, so it is a much more basic type of wheel spinning game, but one that does offer a no nonsense type of playing format and some rather large and tempting winning payouts can be achieved when you set about playing it too.

There are several different betting opportunities that you will see on the betting layout, and you can bet on as little as one of them or choose to bet on all of them.

Before the wheel stops spinning however, one of the betting positions is chosen to have its payout odds boosted on and as such if you land on the one that has been boosted and have bet on it then you are awarded with those much higher odds, rather than the standard odds.

Sweet Bonanza Candy Land

You will be able to place one or more bets on either the, x1, x2 and x5 and/or the bonus game awarding positions on this game and those latter ones are the Bubble Surprise, Candy Drop or Sweet Spins betting locations.

A special Sugar Bomb bonus betting option can also be bet on but that is an optional side bet that costs a percentage of the other bets you have placed. If that position spins in then another spin of the wheel is awarded and a multiplier then comes into play for the result of that next spin, but only if you placed that optional side bet.

Bubble Surprise – when this segment has been spun in and you bet on it the bonus game which is then played off is a smaller type of bonus wheel which can award any of the other bonus games or a multiplier is awarded to you which is used to boost the value of your stake and then awarded as a winning payout.

Candy Drop – The bonus game which is awarded when you bet on the Candy Drop segment of the wheel, and it spins in is a ball dropping game which sees you selecting ball which drops down a playing bed awarding bonus multipliers if it hits those displayed on the bed as it falls.

Sweet Spins – The Sweet Spins bonus game is a bonus game the slot of the same name awards, and with some luck in playing you really could win big as that onscreen bonus game is played off.

Spin a Win

The Spin a Win game which is another basic version of the Crazy Time game is a similar game to the Mega Wheel bonus in as much as the betting opportunities are quite similar.

Unlike that other game though, players do not see any segments of the wheel having their multiplier values boosted, instead there are two segments of the wheel which have a bonus multiplier booster displayed upon them.

If that segment of the wheel is spun in then all of the payout odds on all other segments of the wheel that players can place a bet become boosted by the value of that multiplier and another spin of the wheel is awarded.

However, if that spin of the wheel results in another one of the two multiplier bonus booster segments of the wheel spinning in then the already boosted payout odds are boosted once again and another spin of the wheel is awarded.

Those multipliers can of course continue to be spun in and when they do the payout odds continue to be boosted by the values displayed on those segments of the wheel, until such a time as one of the standard segments is then spun in.

When playing this game, just be aware that it is quite rare for the payout odds to be boosted to some mega payout amounts, however when that happens you really can win big when playing this game, even if you are simply playing for some very low and modest stake amounts, which is why it is a game that many players do enjoy playing form time to time, so do check it out online and see what you make of it, as you may quickly warm to it of course.

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