Casino Games Like Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live

Last Updated on October 8, 2022 by Robert Stevens

If you are looking for games that are like Monopoly Live here is a list of them:

  • Dream Catcher
  • The Money Drop Live
  • Spin a Win
  • Adventures Beyond Wonderland
  • Mega Wheel

Be aware though to access those games you will need to play at a casino site that offers a range of live dealer games, as it will be on the live gaming platforms such games can be found.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland

If you like playing bonus game awarding wheel spinning types of casino games, much like is on offer on the Monopoly Live game then a similar game to that one is the Adventures Beyond Wonderland game.

The wheels do look quite similar however the bonus games are unique so make sure that you study the rules or watch several spins being played off as that way you will understand how it plays and how the game flows.

One of the major benefits of playing games like Monopoly Live is that the stake levels often go down as low as just 0.10 and being multi-currency games you can of course play in your own home currency.

It is the fact that there is always the chance of a huge winning payout as to why those games are proving to be as popular as they are, but just be aware that they are completely random in their design, so never be lured into playing them in the belief you will always win, as that is never going to be the case.

The Money Drop Live

When you first see the actual wheel that is in play on the Money Drop Live game and look over the betting opportunities, you will be amazed at just how high the payouts appear, however there is something that you need to be aware of to achieve those winning payouts.

Not only do you have to place a bet on the winning segment of the wheel, but you then have to successfully play off one or more bonus rounds, which are always triggered after the initial wheel spin and when it has been determined which segment of the wheel is the winning one.

Therefore please do study the rules of that game, for during the bonus game you could end up losing what you were hoping to win if you do not pick the winning case during that bonus round, of which there are four of them you need to pick from.

Dream Catcher

The next game that is similar to Monopoly Live based on the fact it is a wheel spinning type of game is the Dream Catcher game, in fact it was that game which started the frenzy of similar games being designed.

The wheel has two multiplier values which when they spin in will boost the value of all other segments of the wheels, except the multiplier segments, a second spin of the wheel is them played off with the cash payouts being boosted on all segments.

The main attraction for players of this game is when the multiplier value segments are spun in more than once, they continue to boost the payout odds of all other segments and as such if they do keep on spinning in the payouts awarded when the final spin determines the winning segment can be enormous.

Spin a Win

The Spina  Win is a recent addition to the ever growing number of live casino games like Monopoly Live, and to be perfectly honest it is simply a clone of the Dream Catcher game.

As such when playing it you will be hoping to see the multiplier values spinning in as often as possible as that is the way the much higher valued winning payouts can be achieved, but keep in mind you are always going to be up against the house edge of that game, and as such make sure you play for stake amounts that your bankroll can sustain many spins of the wheel.

Mega Wheel

One final game that is like Monopoly Live is the Mega Wheel game, you will notice there are no bonus positions on that wheel, but before each game is played off one of the betting positions is chosen completely at random to have its payout odds boosted.

The hope of course will be the segment of the wheel that you have placed your bet on will be the winning one and it will have ad its payout odds boosted too, as that will see your winnings being much higher in value than normal.

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