Privacy Policy

I will be giving you in this section of the website an insight into the Privacy Policy that is in use and in place here on the website, please read it through in full as your continued use of this website will be taken as your full agreement to be bound by the this Privacy Policy.

There are also some other sections of this website that you will also need to read through and familiarise yourself with and they include the Terms and Conditions and Cookies Policy section of the website so please check through them and read them through next.

This website has been designed in such a way that at no point in time are you ever going to have to register as a user of this website, and as such you will never be required to give us any of your own personal information when visiting this website.

To allow us to keep this website updated with information our website visitors are seeking and ensure each website visitor can use this website in a smooth and hassle free type of way we do use cookies throughout this website, and our Cookies Policy will enlighten you in full how Cookies work and what we use them for.

You may however wish to contact us and if so by doing so we will only ever use the email address and any additional information you supply when making contact with us to reply to any questions that you may have, at no point in time will we send you out any type of advertising or marketing material unless you have specifically asked us to do so.

If you enter any competitions or sign up to receive any news letters then you will be required to furnish us with some personal information to allow us to for example contact you if you won such a competition and/or to send you out our newsletter.

All personal information you supply us with will be stored securely using the very highest security protocols available to us, but just be aware that in these times no such system is 100% safe and secure sadly, however we will do our upmost to ensure your personal information is stored as safely and as securely as is possible.

In the event of you signing up to a competition we may be required to supply your personal details to the sponsor of such a competition or some other third party to allow them to for example send out any prize that you may have won, so be aware of that.

If you sign up to post messages, feedback or give you option on this website then once again we will be required to ask you for some personal information, and once again it will be stored using the very highest security protocols available to use.

If at any time in the future we update this Privacy Policy we will timestamp those changes below, so please do ensure that you check this section of the website regularly to see if this Privacy Policy has changed on any subsequent visit to this website.

Privacy Policy Last Updated on the 18th of October 2020.