Responsible Gambling

As this entire website is of course based and themed around gambling, we feel it is very important that we include a section on responsible gambling, for not every gambling session in any environment are going to be winning sessions, and it is important that everyone is aware of such.

These days all gambling license issuers such as Gambling Commissions and Licensing Authorities that issue gambling sites and gambling apps with their licenses to operate have some very robust responsible gambling rules and regulations.

As such it is fortunately much easier these days for anyone who wishes to gamble online or via a mobile app to put into place their own gambling limits which they can do by making use of the responsible gambling tools that each licensed site and app makes available to their customers.

What you should do before you ever set about gambling is set yourself some limits, which can and should include a deposit limit, over any given period of time chosen by yourself, and also set yourself some loss limits too.

That way if things do not go your way when you are gambling if you have for example set yourself  a deposit limit at any gambling site or gambling related app, you are not going to be permitted or allowed to continue to make deposits into your account once you have reached your pre-set limit.

By setting a loss limit too, you are going to know just when you should call it a day if you are not winning or are not recycling your bankroll through small valued wins during any one single gambling session.

If you do find that over the short term you are not enjoying your gambling sessions, due perhaps to a bad run of luck them be aware that most gambling sites and gambling apps are going to give you something known as a take a break option.

By making use of that take a break option you can suspend your account over any chosen period of time and as such will not be allowed to log into your account until the period of time you have chosen to take a break expires.

If on the other hand however you feel that your gambling activities are spiralling out of control then all gambling sites are going to allow you to self-exclude yourself from their sites and any gambling related apps will also offer you the same option.

By self-excluding yourself from any gambling site or app you are informing the operators of that site or app that you do not wish to gamble again with them and they will then close your account and will not let you open a new account with them.

Do also keep in mind that there are additionally plenty of organisations that you can approach for help and support with any gambling related problems that you may be experiencing, and you really are best advised to contact such support groups to help you kick any gambling addiction problem you have.

Two that do come recommended are Gamblers Anonymous and GamCare, both have highly informative websites and offer a range of valuable information and support channels that you can make use of completely free of charge.

Please do consider making use of those support channels, and do also keep in mind that when it comes to a gambling related problem you are certainly never alone in those problems and many people do experience them at one time or another, and the very best thing you can do is to get immediate helps and support at overcoming and gambling problems you may be experiencing.